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 “I am eternally grateful for having discovered Watsu with you.  It is the most liberating, efficacious therapy I have ever had for my arthritis, not to mention the relaxed and happy mood I carry away with me after each session.  In addition, the pool exercises you taught me, which I do ecvery day at home, and the advice you gave me on how to walk and stand  has made an enormous difference for me in terms of relieving some of the pain and in flexibility and range of motion.  I return each week from your Oasis refreshed and reinvigorated.”  Affectionately, 
Betty King  

Dear Kaaren,  I would like to thank you very much for sharing with me the wonderful  benefits of Watsu as a therapeutic modality.  As a Physical Therapist by profession, I am consistently searching for effective and also innovative methods of rehabilitation for a variety of health problems.  Watsu adds a new dimension amongst therapeutic interventions.  The various ingeniously designed flotation devices, combined with your verbal cues and sensitive handling are tremendously valuable on many levels.  In experiencing a session at the Oasis, I had the opportunity to learn, first hand, the benefits of Watsu.  The buoyancy of the water, as well as the warmth, created a safe and gentle environment for maximizing range of motion and relaxation of muscles.  In addition, functional activities and exercises are easily performed in a comfortable manner.  Personally, I found the entire experience to be an excellent adjunct to land based stretching exercises, with much of the stress associated with tight soft tissues eliminated.  It was particularly beneficial for me in unwinding spinal tension and facilitating an overall feeling of well-being…….
Phyllis Frant Gunther

“I have always loved massage and yoga and stretching.  The fact that watsu is a combination of all of those together is the best in the world.  It is not just the watsu being so wonderful, but having Kaaren being the one doing it is so superb!  The love, caring and tenderness comes through her and into you. The Best, the Best, the Best! “ 

Heideloh Ziegler

“Alongside freefalling from an aeroplane, Kaaren’s watsu sessions have opened the most profound connection for my body and soul that I can honestly say, “changed my life.”  The worlds of colour experienced, the 3D release of blocked body energy and the pure states of bliss….sustained! will empower me for much time to come. “ 

Mark Sands, U.K.

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