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Watsu is bodywork done in the weightless environment of a heated pool (92-95 degrees,)  which creates the potential for pain-free movement and stretches. Originating in Zen Shiatsu therapy, Watsu  increases circulation and the range of motion of the joints, decreases pain and balances body energies. As the distinction between the body and the warm water fades, a unique, mystical sense of freedom not found anywhere on land is experienced.

Everyone can benefit from Watsu. Conditions such as acute or chronic pain or fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis and joint dysfunction, neuromuscular disorders, soft tissue dysfunction, stress, anxiety, depression, headaches, sleeping disorders, pre-surgery and post-op recovery, and trauma issues, may improve dramatically. Unlike physical therapy with its emphasis on specific body parts,
Watsu simultaneously balances the physical, emotional and spiritual


The experience of Watsu is extremely nurturing and therefore can bring up repressed emotions from past and/ or present, in a safe, supportive environment that simulates the pre-cognitive womb experience, and allows for deep psychological integration. Residual letting go into the flow can continue long after the session has ended and can have lasting effects on how one perceives everyday life.  Some become more aware of where tensions are stored in their bodies and how to better deal with them.  Others overcome a lifelong discomfort or fear of being submerged in water.  Many people report feeling energized, more present, and able to relax under duress.

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