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Movement is life and life is movement!

Free dance, dance of the spirit, danza del alma, music and movement -- are all names for the process when a group of individuals gather to collectively celebrate the joy of living in response to rhythmic music from around the world.  This type of dance can be done by people of all ages and backgrounds, on their feet or in their seat.  Dance movement stimulates endorphins that naturally reduce anxiety and depression. Syncopated rhythms balance left and right hemispheres of the brain and stabilizes heart rate and blood pressure, allowing opportunity for a creative psychic release of pent up emotions and tensions. Thus recharged, one feels healthier, looks better and projects a positive self-image.


Trance Dance is an invitation to spirit to fill and heal your body, mind and emotions.  Through Trance Dance we experience “the food of our soul” and awaken the beat of our heart.  “The magic of Trance Dancing occurs when you know how to breathe and dance from inside your heart.  You immediately access euphoria or what our shaman ancestors called “ecstasy.”  

Frank Natale (founder of the Natale Institute for Shamanic Studies.)

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