Welcome to the world of H.E.A.L.th.inc.

Health and Education for Arts and Leisure therapy since 1976. 

Our motto is, “Think health with H.E.A.L.th.inc. for wellness
at any age.” 

Oasis, home of Health.inc has been has offered services on Miami Beach, Fla. from 1996 until 2010 and now at Oasis 2 in SMA, a personal wellness center in the mountains of central Mexico in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Offerigs are: YOGA Iyengar style, YOGA for everyday living, Rebounding, Movement and Dance, Massage Therapy, LMT table or chair, Self Massage, Watsu, (Aquatic Bodywork)  and many tips, tools and techniques!

We are now expanding services to individuals, partners and groups (large or small) on an international scale for corporations, resorts and retreats, conventions, yachts, institutions, etc.


Workshops and sessions are designed to fit the unique needs of each client and are tailored to fit the physical environments of each situation.

Back Massage
Spa Pool
Dancer in Blue
Yoga Class for all Ages